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Magi Fund

The Magi Fund is the basis of a comprehensive Advancement Program. It helps to sustain operating expenses along with enhancing programs and services offered to students and faculty.

The fund is made of gifts from parents, faculty, staff, board members, grandparents, parishioners, and friends. All donations are unrestricted contributions that support the mission of Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School.

Magi Fund FAQ's

The Magi Fund helps sustain programs, activities, and investments that are not covered by tuition. Simply, the Magi Fund is the best way possible for parents, grandparents, parishioners, community members, staff and friends to help make a financial difference in the future of Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School and its students. Your investment on an annual basis, at a level that you are comfortable with, helps raise necessary funds for important school objectives.

The Magi Fund is necessary to sustain the life of the school through enriched academic and student programs, as well as faculty support. Tuition does not cover all the goals that we would like to achieve. Therefore, a charitable tax-deductible to the Magi Fund gives the best opportunity for all to support our efforts at ECS.

Raising tuition to the actual cost of educating each student would place too large a burden on many families, making it impossible for their children to attend Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School. By containing tuition costs through your support of the Magi Fund, we are able to fulfill its commitment to attracting talented as well as diverse students.

Additionally, donations to the Magi Fund are 100% tax deductible, and many donations qualify for additional contributions from corporate Matching Gift Programs.

The revenue generated through other fundraisers such as the Casino Night and Epiphanic help to support the school, but do not offer enough support to meet what we are trying to accomplish for our children at ECS.

You are not in this alone! Beyond the assistance from the Parish investment and tuition assistance, parents, staff, grandparents, parishioners, parish ministries, and friends are invited to contribute. Additionally, many employers sponsor matching gift programs.

Giving levels are an approach to securing several gifts at all levels. If the Magi Fund is to be successful, it must reflect the balance between leadership gifts and broad participation. We want 100% participation, but we also need for those families that can afford to lead to do so. The Epiphany of the Lord Society levels have been formed to recognize all families who give $1,000 or more, but all contributions, including Patron Levels make a big difference.

The Magi Fund has been designed to afford donors an opportunity to pay their pledge any time before June 30.  We ask all pledges to be made by October 23rd.  Donations may also be made by automatic recurring gifts through our online system to pay towards pledges.

Matching gifts are gifts that an employer will give to an educational institution or other non-profit as an employee benefit by matching the gift made by an employee. Please inquire with your employers about matching gift donations.

In the Magi Fund, we will give full credit to the donor for any gift they make as well as any match their employer makes. In many cases, this can be a wonderful way to increase your gift to a higher gift level. For example, a gift of $250 from a donor, matched by their employer on a 1:1 basis for an additional $250, will credit the donor with a $500 gift to ECS.

The 2020-2021 campaign kicks off in September.  Funds will be accepted for this school term until June 30, 2021.

Absolutely! You may donate through this link via Credit/Debit or ACH.

Recurring giving is an easy, automatic way to support Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School that works for your budget and schedule. It is convenient and customizable for your needs!

You can set up your recurring gift by credit card or bank account by clicking GIVE NOW and following the steps:

  1. Enter the amount you’d like to give for each transaction.
  2. Choose “Make Gift Recurring” check box.
  3. Determine the frequency of your gift.
  4. Determine the number of times you would like to give.
  5. Choose when you would like to begin your giving.
  6. Select Next to finalize your bank or credit card details.


You can edit your giving at any time. Thank you for your support of the Magi Fund!

Absolutely! You may submit a check to:
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School
20910 Highland Knolls Dr.
Katy, TX 77450

Each contribution plays a huge role in the life of ECS students.

Magi Fund Participation Status

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Faculty & Staff
School Advisory Board

Society Levels

Pastor's Circle ($5,000+)

Bonner, Jack & Barbara
Clark, Benjamin & Elizabeth
Cuellar, Andres & Alejandra
Dellinger, Denny & Lyn
Epiphany Knights of Columbus Council #9759
Lyssy, Garrett & Kristin
Taylor, Shannon & Kim

Principal's Club ($2000 - $4,999)

McGee, Michael & Jeanne
Rando, Noel & Sue
Steffes, John & Caren
White, Richard & Nancy

Wise Men ($1,000 - $1,999)

Awoyode, Ben & Sabina
Barreira, Juan & Gaudio, Maria
Cobden, Pat & Lane
Flanagan, Mike & Beth
Giacona, Michael & Marie
Grant, Paul & Fiona
Grimm, Don & Susan
Hernandez, Gene & Angela
Mallett, Chris & Rachel
Oyabure, Ehi & Vera
Paetow, John
Pozzi, Liz
Reilly, Susan
Rijken, Oriol & Tracy
Shaheen, Donald & Theresa
Turner, William & Marissa

Patron Levels

Crown Bearer ($500 - $999)

Goodman, David & Claire
Greene, James & Rosa
Guidry, Kyle & Yvette
Jones, Jeremy & Shana
Kessler, Rosalie
Khoury, Sammy & Soledad
Krzysztofik, Mathew & Jacklyn
Kulhanek, Cliff & Lindsay
Mata, Henry & Loren
McCann, Marcia
Morgan, Bob & Judy
Noto, Tommy & Charlotte
Oliva, Jose & Stacey
Peart, Jason & Laura
Reeves, Mark & Stephanie
Rose, Stephen & Joy
Spalding, Tim & Molly
Yoder, Ash & Lisa
Zayouna, Duraid & Stephanie

Blue & Gold ($250 - $499)

Akpata, Nosa & Ifueko
Aldrup, Dave & Tam
Briceno, Marcos & Borges De Briceno, Olga
Campo, Piri
Chabarria, Ashley
Christiansen, Matthew & Carrie
Clark, Stephen & Brandi
Cusimano, Gabriel & Katie
Garcia, Daniel & Heinitz, Natalie
Gargani, John & Melissa
Garza, David
Hauck, Chris & Brittany
Holden, Brian & Melissa
Hollman, Kristine
Jose, Seban & Seban, Deepthi
Ledroz, Adrian & Plascencia-Vela, Amira
McAnally, Justin & Chelsea
McGee, Michael & Jennifer
Morgan, Nicholas
Morvant, Michael & Kim
Mshelia, Ngo & Ayuba
Murphy, Marcy
Nguyen, Cuong & Lynda
Nguyen, Huyen & Tuan
O’Keefe, Nora
Partain, Robert & Bridget
Patronella, Maureen
Ragsdale, Lauren
Rego, Ashwin & Michelle
Robert, John & Rebecca
Rodriguez, Ernesto & Priscila
Sauvageau, Kent & Laura
Sellers, Shawn & Tonda
Schlesinger, Marc & Cathryn
Stamps, Dan
Taylor, Jay & Mila
Woody, Kurt & Corrie

Epiphany Pride (Up to $249)

Alexander, Jay and Amy
Arasteh, Sasha
Artaza, Nicolas & Julie
Autry, Mickey & Rebecca
Bass, Ryan & Kelly
Brinker, Shannyn
Brosch, Glen & Mary
Brumbaugh, Keith & Suzanne
Cagiza, Ilidio & Carmen
Cantu, Normalinda
Cardenas, Kathryn
Casalino, Helmut & Ramos, Patricia
Chamberlain, Jenny
Cuervo, Mary
Davis, John & Emily
De Gracia, Aries & Jenny
DeBonis, Vince & Venola
Eber, Alicia
Eze, Edozie & Vivian
Flores, Jorge & Cienfuegos, Martha
Floyd, Sam & Shara
Garcia, Oliver & Carla
Garza, Edward & Krystal
Gatus, Andrew & Leticia
Giam, David & Tran, Trinh
Gonzalez, Laura
Green, Richard & Michelle
Guerra, Carlos & Flores de Guerra, Rebeca
Guidry, Garrett & Emma
Gustafson, Lars & Andrea
Hague, Robert & Dianne
Hain, J.D. & Jana
Harkness, Steve & Aldrighetti, Pamela
Harvey, Kathleen
Haydell, Garner & Courtney
Hernandez, Jean
Herrera, Jose’ & Susy
Hill, Lu & Schottsie
Hlangothi, Duma & Forbes, Sherita
Hoffman, Kerri
Jimenez, Joaquin & Dolotina, May
Kallus, Josh
Kamps, Charles & Samantha
Kerschen, Brad & Chelsea
King, Claude
Kuju, Adesoji & Ebony
Lozada, Gustavo & Montesano-Lozada, Rita
Martinez, Kimberly
Martinez, Matthew & Lisa
Mathews, Joel & Kelly
Meegan, Mary
Mikaloff, Jason & Sherry
Moghalu, David & Nkechi
Mollere, Kerry & Patricia
Moloney, Jeremy & Diane
Netherton, Zachary & Lindsay
Obsta, Paul & Dorinda
Ortiz, Arliza
Parsons, Eric & Marie
Philip, Brendan & Meagan
Reid, Mark & Etheline
Rocha Rojas, Pablo & Murillo Lopez Negrete, Gabr
Rodriguez, Claudio & Cristina
Rodriguez, George & Wendy
Rodriguez, Leonel
Rodriguez, Ramiro
Rogers, Wallace & Hannah
Romero, Alfredo & Maria
Ruiz, Mayelin
Rusch, Nicolas & My, Trinh
Rusche, Paul & Laura
Saghbini, Bassam & Daboul, Tania
Samsel, Mathew & Julie
San Roman, Chris & Raquel
Sanchez, Luis & Celita
Sequeira, Rodrigo & Pena, Marcia
Shoemake, John & Erica
Srack, Mitchell & Jennifer
Sturgill, Jeremy & Elizabeth
Texidor, Dee
Trejo, Jesus & Allison
van Herel, Cornelia
Vargas, Jacob & Kathlene
Velazco, Antonio & Pargada, Maria
Ventura, Carolyn
Waldron, Kristin
Walker, Ceci
Weldon, Catherine
Witzel, Alberto & Rodriguez, Ana
Womack, Michael & Elaine
Zeringue, Clint & Melissa

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