Our Summer Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9 am – 3 pm
Friday 9 am – 12 pm

Our Summer Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am – 3 pm | Friday 9 am – 12 pm

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Parent’s Association

Parents Association

Thank you for your interest the Parent Association (PA) of Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School.  Please see information below and complete form at the bottom of this page to get involved with our inaugural PA year!

In accordance with Archdiocese policy we have written PA By-Laws which have been approved by school administration and await approval by the PA Executive Board.

The PA is organized into a PA Executive Board and Sub-committees.

  • The PA Executive Board is responsible for day-to-day management of the PA
  • The Sub-Committees are responsible for only activities involving that Sub-Committee and works with respective Chair from PA Executive Board

Below is a list of Executive Board opportunities and the responsibilities of their respective committees. Please click on each Board Chair for more information:

Executive Board
  • Secretary

    The Secretary shall:

    • record the attendance and minutes of each meeting of the Executive Board and provide copies to the President and Vice-President within 48 hours of each meeting
    • publish the PA meeting minutes, after review by the President and/or Vice-President, on the school website, and include notice of the next PA meeting date and time
    • keep a readily-available copy of the minutes, meeting agendas, bylaws, code of conduct, PA forms, and any other necessary documents or supplies and bring them to meetings
    • perform other duties as assigned.
  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall:

    • work with the President to establish a PA Proposed Budget for the School year before the first meeting is held
    • keep accurate records of all receipts and expenditures of money by the PA, and reconcile such records with the School business manager’s records periodically through ongoing communications with School business manager
    • prepare and present a financial report, including year-to-date expenditures and income received, at each Executive Board meeting
    • maintain and provide upon request updated expense reimbursement or “check request” forms for all PA-related expenses, and have authority to approve such expenditures for reimbursement
    • request cash box(es), as needed, from the School business office for PA events
    • adhere to the policies and procedures described in the Treasurer’s binder
    • maintain the Treasurer’s binder in good order and provide it to the new Treasurer for transition into this office.
  • Hospitality Chair

    There shall be up to four (4) Chair(s) of Hospitality, who will work together or divide responsibilities in an agreed manner to carry out the following duties:

    • ensure that facilities are prepared and decorated (if desired) and food/beverages are provided (if requested) for designated School and PA events, including monthly faculty meetings, Staff Appreciation Luncheons, and Grandparents’ Day
    •  order and provide food and beverages, if requested, for additional events such as Snacks with Santa, New Student Testing, and New Family Orientation
    • serve and/or re-stock food as needed at designated events
    • perform other duties as requested and assigned by the President.
  • Advancement Chair

    The Advancement Chair shall:

    • work with School Advisory Board Advancement Chair on coordinating major fundraising efforts
    • manage and operate the business of the PA Spirit Store and maintain the Spirit Store website
    • order and re-stock inventory for the Spirit Store, with all purchases requiring prior approval of the President
    • attend designated events (such as Casino Night, Back to School Night) to sell Spirit Store inventory
  • Communications Chair

    The Communications Chair shall:

    • coordinate, update, and review all PA communications efforts within the PA, School community, parish, and external publications, if applicable
    • work with the PA President and School office administration to keep the PA information (including links to PA documents and forms) accurate and up-to-date
    • communicate with PA officers and committees to solicit and gather information for publication in the school’s newsletter and to ensure consistency in communication
    • facilitate publication of upcoming PA events in School newsletters, and ensure submissions are sent in a timely fashion (in accordance with School deadline)
    • upon request of PA President, write announcements and articles for inclusion in School newsletters or other publications, and ensure PA volunteers are recognized and thanked for their service either in School newsletters or by other means as agreed upon by the Executive Board.
  • Volunteer Chair

    There shall be up to two (2) Volunteer Chair(s), who will work together or divide responsibilities in an agreed manner to carry out the following duties:

    • set up and maintain a method (via website, email, or otherwise) to secure School approved volunteers as requested by the President
    • provide announcements for the school newsletter about volunteer opportunities as they arise, and work with Room Parent Chair to solicit volunteers via email if and when needed
    • communicate with PA Committee Chairpersons to ensure they are adequately staffed with volunteers when needed
    • communicate with faculty & staff to coordinate any volunteer opportunities as they arise
    • perform other duties as assigned.
  • Room Parent Chair

    The Room Parent Chair shall:

    • coordinate Room Parents
    • prepare and or organize a binder with the yearly events, class contact information, calling tree and staff contact information and “likes” page
    • hold a homeroom parent meeting at least once every two months to help aid and prepare each grade level for upcoming events
    • be an aid for each homeroom parent as needs arise
    • be in charge of organizing any event that has all grades participating as individual classes
  • Historian

    The Historian shall:

    • compile and keep a record of the activities and achievements of the PA
    • coordinate or arrange for a volunteer to take photographs at designated events
    • provide publicity photographs and information as the need arises, and in accordance with the School’s technology policy and procedures (particularly with regard to privacy requests)
    • perform other duties as assigned

Sub-Committees will work with the respective PA Board Chair on specific duties for that committee.

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston mandates all employees over the age of 18, including parishes and schools, regardless of position, ministry, part-time or full-time status and all volunteers who work in any capacity with or around children, the elderly, and adults with special needs are required to complete the initial three-hour VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children® for Adults program.