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Pre-K Nap Mats

All PreK-4 students are required to bring their own nap mat to school each week. The students will bring their clean mat on Monday’s and keep it at school until Friday when they bring it home for the weekend. We require an “all-in-one” mat with the blanket and pillow attached for ease of use and transfer by our little ones. The students will need to be able to carry this plus their backpacks to and from school. Below are two links which you can purchase one of these mats, but neither are official school sponsored, just examples:

Things to Consider

  • We ask you to wash the nap mats on the weekends when they are brought home – please follow the washing instructions as each brand is slightly different.
  • Please put your child’s name on the nap mat as some students may have the same pattern. Some brands will have an option of embroidering your child’s name on the mat which can be helpful.
  • Before the school year begins, please show your child the nap mat and how it works. Practice having them un-roll and re-roll it back together.