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Martial Arts

Soldier For Christ Martial Arts is proud to be partnered with Epiphany of the Lord Catholic School. Instructor Sowers has been the leader of the martial arts team since the school opened in 2018 and remains a valuable part of the Epiphany of the Lord family.

The martial arts team meets for practice on Tuesdays beginning at 4:00PM for the middle and elementary school beginning at 2nd grade. Students are expected to be dressed for class and on time each class day. Classes do depend and may fluctuate with the school calendar. Lower rank students are dismissed normally around 4:50PM and higher rank students often remain until 5:20PM to receive their additional needed practice. Instructor Sowers often stays late to work with any student who wishes to receive extra practice.

Our Founder, Instructor Sowers strives to ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to succeed, promote, and become better students with character. Students work to earn stripes on their belt which in turn determine their eligibility to test for a promotion at the end of each semester.
Classes at Epiphany of the Lord take place in the Great Room Auditorium depending on the availability with the school. Any parents or family who wish to observe class are asked to first check in at the front school office.

All students are expected to portray the tenets of martial arts being: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Students will have fun and are expected to treat all persons with respect and obey the rules of class. A constant refusal of class rules and a disrespectful attitude will not be tolerated within the Epiphany Martial Arts Team and SFCMA. To learn more or register, visit www.SoldierForChrist.org

For questions, please contact Instructor Sowers at Founder@SoldierForChrist.org

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