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The Epiphany Catholic School Library provides a positive and enriching environment for students to seek information and ideas for educational, informational, and recreational needs.

The library promotes an appreciation of reading, enabling students to interpret various forms of literature as they grow as lifelong learners and consumers of information and ideas.

Each class visits the Library for a literature or information literacy lesson once a week for a 30-minute period.

Pre-K through 1st grade classes check out one book each week, while 2nd-4th grades check out two books each week.

During each Library period, students are taught library and research skills, print and online media, and an appreciation of the various forms of literature.

Students enjoy stories read aloud, with related activities, and select books and materials to be borrowed.

Students, with teacher approval, may visit the library throughout the day to borrow books, read, or to research topics for class assignments.

Our Library catalog can be accessed at epiphanycatholicschool.follettdestiny.com.

If you have questions about the library or would like to request a book, please e-mail Mrs. O’Keefe at nokeefe@epiphanycatholic.school.