Advisory Council

The School Advisory Board consists of at least six people who are appointed by the Pastor. The purpose of this group is to cooperate with the Pastor and the Principal in developing the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the school and formulating policies enabling the attainment of these goals.

This is an advisory board only and does not vote on motions, policies, or practices.

Some of the duties of the Advisory Board are as follows:

  • Assist the Principal in preparing the school budget and submitting the budget to the Pastor for approval.
  • Organize and conduct the Annual Fund Drive.
  • Coordinate various activities with Parents Association in order to enhance community and communication.
  • Development of long and short-range planning.
  • Other activities at the request of the Principal or Pastor.



President: Lyn Dellinger
Vice-President: Don Grimm
Finance Chair: Liz Pozzi
Advancement Chair: Caren Steffes & Joy Rose (co-chairs)

Ex-Officio Members

Principal: Dr. Nicholas Morgan
Pastor: Fr. Tom Lam
PA President: 

Additional Members

Samantha Kamps
Scott Lane
Jennifer McGee
Mel Pavlicek

The School Advisory Board follows Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Policies and Procedures.  

Any request to address the School Advisory Board must follow the below guidelines found on page 9 of the School Advisory Board Bylaws:

“Any stakeholder or group may request to address the Board as an individual or as a delegation. Topics will only be in those areas of the Board’s jurisdiction. The individual or delegation must provide the request in writing to the Principal or President, at least ten (10) days prior to the next regular meeting of the Board or committee at which the individual or delegation wishes to be heard. The request will contain the topic to be discussed and the identity of the spokesperson(s). The person or persons wishing to address the Board or committee will be notified of the date, time and location of the meeting at which the presentation will be made.

The President, on behalf of the Board and after consultation with the Pastor and Principal, may deny the request of an individual or delegation to address the board. The Board will notify the person or persons making the request in writing of the denial.”

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